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About Us

Nexicom Systems is a wholesale distributor of telecommunications products. Located in Ontario, Canada, we have over 75 years of experience in helping telecommunication businesses provide leading-edge voice and data services. We're different from other distribution companies in that we're also customers. Many of the products we distribute are first deployed in our own network, which consists of an Independent Telephone company, an Internet Service Provider and a Cable TV company. The technicians in these companies are constantly evaluating products to determine which ones are delivering the leading edge technology. We then share that expertise with our customers.

Nexicom Systems partners with industry leaders; all of these manufacturers have won recognition for innovative products and best technology awards. We actively seek relationships with manufacturers who believe that customer service does not end with the sale; manufacturers that are committed to extensive R & D and who will be around for the long-haul.

Success is measured in many ways; achievement of goals, financial rewards, and a sense of accomplishment are some of these measurements. At Nexicom Systems, we gauge success not only by this criterion, but most importantly by building a legacy of commitment to our customers. We feel successful when your business experiences growth as a result of products we have recommended.

Strong businesses are built on quality service and products. We would be pleased to demonstrate those values to you.

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